Welcome to my new website.  Please check back regularly as I update and make corrections.

Special thanks to my friends
Jean Amundson for her help in test-knitting my designs,
and to my favorite 4-H knitting leader,
Janeen Hills Cleland,
who patiently taught me to knit,
and made all of this possible! ;-)

Happy knitting!
Melissa (Oscarsdotter)
New Releases
Melissa's Garden Daffodils Knitted Dishcloth

© Copyright April 2, 2006
Melissa's Waving Frog Knitted Dishcloth

© Copyright May 10, 2005
Melissa's Garden Swan Knitted Dishcloth

© Copyright June 8, 2005
Fan Favorites
Melissa's Knit Bunny Dishcloth

© Copyright Feb 3, 2004
Melissa's Garden Watering Can Knitted Dishcloth

© Copyright July 30, 2004
Melissa's Little Cabin Knit Dishcloth Pattern

©Copyright 2003
2010 Copyright Melissa Burnham

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Melissa's Little Chick Knit Dishcloth

© Copyright March 20, 2004
Melissa's Knit Valentine Dishcloth 2004

©Copyright January 12, 2004.
Melissa's Christmas Reindeer Knit Dishcloth

©Copyright 2003
Melissa's Garden Maple Leaf Knitted Dishcloth

© Copyright August 31, 2004
Melissa's Knit Christmas Tree Dishcloth Pattern

©Copyright 2003
Melissa's Christmas Bell Knitted Dishcloth

© Copyright October 11, 2004
I'm happy to announce that my second publication:
Baby Washcloths to Knit
has just been published by Leisure Arts!

Inspired by my little granddaughter, these nine, original, knitted baby washcloth designs are all about little babies!

For that special newborn, knit up a stack of these baby washcloths (using pretty pastel cotton yarns), tie with a gossamer ribbon, package with some other baby bath toys,

and you have the perfect baby shower gift!  :-)

To order Baby Washcloths to Knit from Amazon.com, click here

For USA residents: To order Baby Washcloths to Knit from Leisure Arts, click here
These twelve, original, knitted dishcloth designs
are all about things that you might find in the garden.
Designed with easy knitting in mind, and using only knit and purl stitches,
they create a picture in the middle of the dishcloth,
just as the patterns that I've designed previously do.

To order your copy of Garden Dishcloths to Knit,
just click on the Amazon.com link above or here.

To order Garden Dishcloths to Knit from Leisure Arts, click here.
Melissa's Dry Dust Mop Cover

© Copyright 2011
Melissa's Little Red Schoolhouse Knitted Dishcloth

© Copyright January 14, 2007
Melissa's Garden Wheelbarrow Dishcloth Design

© Copyright January 12, 2008