Welcome to my new website.  Please check back regularly as I update and make corrections.

Special thanks to my friends
Jean Amundson for her help in test-knitting my designs,
and to my favorite 4-H knitting leader,
Janeen Hills Cleland,
who patiently taught me to knit,
and made all of this possible! ;-)

Happy knitting!
Melissa (Oscarsdotter)
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To order my book Baby Washcloths to Knit from Amazon.com, click here

To order my book, Garden Dishcloths to Knit from Amazon, click here

***For my Canadian friends:
Just call Leisure Arts @ 1-800-526-5111 to place an order,
as their web site isn't set up yet for international ordering.
Happy knitting!
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Please remember that my original designs are being shared with you for your personal use only. Please respect copyright laws.
You may not mass reproduce or distribute these patterns for your own profit.
My designs are NOT to be posted to any other website without my written permission, to do so is a violation of copyright.
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I'm often asked what my favorite knitting books are.
I love books (and in this case, a nifty desktop calendar)
that feature different knitting stitches.
Here are three of my favorites--ask for them at your local library,
or take a look at them on Amazon:

200 Knitted Blocks
Great knitting inspiration!

200 Knitted Blocks

365 Knitting Stitches Year Perpetual Calendar
A wonderful knitting stitch resource!

365 Knitting Stitches Yearly Perpetual Calendar

Harmony Guide to Knitting Techniques & Stitches
One of my personal favorites!

Harmony Guide to Knitting Techniques & Stitches

More knitting books on Amazon.com!